Video marketing: A powerful tool for your business success in modern era

Video approach has dominated the World of advertisement due to its wide reach within no time. With good package, the shortest possible video quenches customers’ wonderings at minimal price.

Studies have proved that human brain assesses video content more 60,000 times than it does with written content. Researchers also affirm that one image can tell over one thousand words.

The more ICT advance in gathering and diffusing information, the more researches are conducted and new inventions are coming up to go even much further.

The study conducted by Forrester, an American market research company that provides advice on existing potential impact of technology, among its clients and the public revealed that 58% of consumers of advertised commodities get information from video, meaning that videos constitutes a powerful weapon for winning the conviction of advertisements consumers.

Few people will ever doubt the power of video in responding to the perspectives of the public and you should know how to take your business to the next level by using videos. There are many ways video marketing helps businesses grow but here we bring you three major reasons you should exploit the tool at hand.

1. Wide reach

Smartphone users represent a half of internet users and are ever busy for reading lengthy articles. They shall love to watch short yet precise videos, making it imperative for every investor to embrace video marketing if they want to see customers thronging in.

2. Ability to give true picture of products

Clients will not easily understand the true nature of products or services until they get them in their hands. But with videos, beyond showing how a product looks like, the video will show how it works and the importance behind it. However, a well packaged video should be matched will a well-prepared audio explaining how the product works.

3. Ease of sharing

Video marketing users reach so broad within a short period of time at a tiny cost. Nowadays, sharing video has become very easy due to social media platforms.

Every minute, over 700 videos are shared on twitter. Over four billion videos are played on YouTube and 88% of 30 second-advertising videos are shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Snapchat, among others.

Over 39% of people watching marketing videos share them, 36% comment whereas 56% like them. While preparing a marketing video, it is worthwhile to think about the technique you will use to take it far.

If you have started using this digital marketing approach, keep up your choice and you probably need to increase the pace. If you are yet to start or you need to streamline how to do it, IGIHE Ltd is here to help you. We prepare marketing videos, produce and spread them, all in the highest quality yet in a short time.

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